Research Article

Effect of Hypoxia on Gene Expression in Cell Populations Involved in Wound Healing

Figure 7

RT-qPCR analysis of genes involved in coagulation after 24 hours of incubation in normoxia or hypoxia in HaCaT (a), HDF (b), HMEC-1 (c), and THP-1 (d). The results are expressed as ∆∆Ct after normalization on RPLP0 housekeeping gene. Data are shown as mean ± standard deviation and as single values distribution of four independent experiments. Circles (●) and triangles (▼) represent ∆∆Ct values in normoxia and hypoxia, respectively. Statistical analysis was performed using the two-tailed Student t-test comparing, for each gene, the expression in hypoxia versus normoxia (p-value < 0,05; p-value < 0,01; p-value < 0,001).