Table 5: Function roles of 5 genes in cancer.

GeneExpression in cancerFunction in cancerRef

C5Upregulated in HCCHighly associated with the progression of AFP(-) HBV-related HCC.[17]
SSTR5Upregulated in HCCRegulate intracellular signaling pathways, such as MAPK pathways; constitute a molecular basis for the treatment of HCC with somatostatin analogues.[2, 32]
LPAR6Upregulated in HCCMaintain the proliferation capacity and the tumorigenic phenotype of HCC through the transcriptional activation of protooncogene Pim-3.[33]
P2RY4Upregulated in colonic cancerThe function is based on the effect of extracellular nucleotides on apoptosis or cell proliferation in HCT8 and Caco-2 cells.[7]
GPR68Upregulated in PDAC and ovarian cancerStimulates PDAC proliferation;
inhibits ovarian cancer cell proliferation and migration, but enhances the cell adhesion to the extracellular matrix
[34, 35]