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Mass Spectrometry Amyloid Typing Is Reproducible across Multiple Organ Sites

Table 2

Amyloid typing based on IHC and proteomic analysis.

CaseTissueIHC: Basic panel of IHC: Expanded panel of Proteomic typingConsensual typing
Ig κIg λSAATTRIHC typingIg κIg λIHC typing

1Heart-----++-AL κAL κ
Liver-+/---AL λ+-NSAL κ

2Heart+-+/+++AA+++NSAL κ
Tongue+-++++NS+++NSAL κ

3Heart---+/++ATTR++-NSAL κ
Liver---+ATTR+-NSAL κ

4Heart+--+NS++-AL κAL κ
Liver+--+NS++-AL κAL κ

5Heart++---AL κ+++/-AL κAL κ
Small intestine+-+-NS+-NSAL κ

6Heart-+--AL λ-++AL λAL λ
Liver-+--AL λ+++AL λAL λ

7Heart-++-++NS+++++AL λAL λ
Liver-++-++NS++++NSAL λ

8Heart-++-+AL λ++++AL λAL λ
Kidney-++-+/-AL λ++++AL λAL λ

9Heart-+--AL λ-++AL λAL λ
Liver-++--AL λ-+AL λAL λ

10Heart-++/++++/++++/+++NS+++NSAL λ
Kidney-+/+++/++++NS++++NSAL λ

11Heart-++++/++NS+/-++AL λAL λ
Liver-++-+/++NS-+NSAL λ

Ig κ, immunoglobulin light chain kappa; Ig λ, immunoglobulin light chain lambda; NS, no immunospecific staining; SAA, serum amyloid A; TTR, transthyretin; AL κ, amyloidosis derived from immunoglobulin light chain kappa; AL λ, amyloidosis derived from immunoglobulin light chain lambda; AA, amyloidosis derived from serum amyloid A; ATTR, amyloidosis derived from transthyretin.
The intensity of IHC staining was classified as negative (-), weak (+), moderate (++), and strong (+++). The higher IHC reaction is defining the IHC typing.
Antibodies from DAKO.
Antibodies from amYmed.