Research Article

Indirect Regeneration and Assessment of Genetic Fidelity of Acclimated Plantlets by SCoT, ISSR, and RAPD Markers in Rauwolfia tetraphylla L.: An Endangered Medicinal Plant

Figure 1

Friable callus induction from various explants of R. tetraphylla. (a) Friable white callus induced from leaf explants cultured on MS + NAA (2 mg/L). (b) Friable white callus induced from stem explants cultured on MS +Kn (1 mg/L). (c) Friable green callus induced from leaf explant cultured on MS+ Kn (3 mg/L). (d) Friable brown callus induced from root explant cultured on MS + 2,4-D (5 mg/L).