Figure 1: Effects of PKR on the proliferation and translation. (a) Effects of PKR on the proliferation of HeLa cells. After being transfected with plasmids PKR, PKR siRNA, or GFP, HeLa cells were plated in multiple wells of a 96-well plate and grown for 24 hr for cell proliferation assays. Cells from the sample preparations were collected for immunoblotting. Proliferation rate of the control sample was normalized to 100%. PKR, WT PKR; si-PKR, PKR siRNA; Ctrl, GFP. Upper panel, averaged data (N=4, p<0.01). Lower panel, effectiveness of transfection and siRNA of PKR assessed by immunoblotting. (b) Effect of PKR on protein synthesis in HEK293Tcells. HEK293T cells transiently transfected with GFP, PKR, or PKR siRNA were starved for 1 hr followed by pulse labelling for 35S pulse labelling assays followed by SDS-PAGE and immunoblotting assays with the antibody against total PKR. β-actin served as loading control.