Table 3: Multivariate analysis of covariance of factors associated with MBI emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and personal achievement scores.


Coefficient [SD]pCoefficient [SD]pCoefficient [SD]p

DemographicsAge (years)--0.13 [0.03]<0.001-
Sex: Male versus Female-1.63 [0.75]0.029-
Live in couple: Yes versus No-1.23 [0.70]0.079-

Professional characteristicsED
Marseille versus Avignon-3.12 [0.74]<0.001-
Marseille versus Montpellier-1.79 [0.81]0.080-
ED professional categories
Physician versus Paramedic3.85 [1.12]0.0021.98 [0.86]0.066-
Physician versus A/T6.15 [1.63]0.0013.13 [1.24]0.036-
Work rythm: Night or Day/Night versus Day---1.54 [0.76]0.042
Job strain: Yes versus No3.36 [0.96]0.0011.96 [0.73]0.008-2.27 [0.84]0.007

work-related health≥1 sick leave during the last year: Yes versus No1.69 [0.87]0.052--
Sleep disorders: Yes versus No3.49 [0.87]<0.001--

Quality of lifeMental component summary score-0.53 [0.05]<0.001-0.14 [0.03]<0.0010.21 [0.04]<0.001
Physical component summary score-0.36 [0.7]<0.001--

SD: standard deviation.