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Tunisian Table Olive Oil Traceability and Quality Using SNP Genotyping and Bioinformatics Tools

Table 1

Characteristics of SNP studied markers.

Gene nameGenBank Accession NumberSNP codeTmaH0He

Phenylalanine ammonia lyaseAY738639PAL70 (A/G)600.5450.3960.496
Calcium Binding ProteinAF078680SNP-H(C/G)600.7270.4620.396
Anthocyanidin synthaseAF384050SNP-I(G/A)570.6360.4330.463
Fatty acid desaturaseAY083163FAD2.1(T/C)570.9090.4950.165
Stearoyl-ACP desaturaseU58141SAD.1(A/G)570.3630.2970.463
Cu-Zn-superoxide dismutaseAF426829SOD (InDel)570.5450.4950.595


a: annealing temperature for PCR amplification.
α: for each locus the polymorphism content information (PIC).