Clinical Study

The Usefulness of Percutaneous Endoscopic Technique in Multifocal Lumbar Pathology

Figure 3

Bilateral disc herniations on L5-S1. (a) Preoperative sagittal and axial T2-weight MRI showing thecal sac compression due to L5–S1 bilateral disc herniations. Red arrows: bilateral disc herniations compressing thecal sac. (b) Postoperative axial and sagittal T2-weight MRI showing decompressed thecal sac and bilateral S1 root by removal of bilateral disc herniation at L5-S1. (c) Ruptured disc material seen at ipsilateral axilla area of S1. PLL: posterior longitudinal ligament. (d) Tip of contralateral ruptured disc was exposed by retraction of thecal sac. Asterisk: tip of the ruptured disc from contralateral epidural space.