Research Article

The Appropriate Marker for Astrocytes: Comparing the Distribution and Expression of Three Astrocytic Markers in Different Mouse Cerebral Regions

Figure 2

The distribution of astrocytes labeled by NDRG2, GFAP and S100β throughout the cerebrum. Representative immunofluorescence images of astrocytes labeled by GFAP and NDRG2 (a), S100β, and NDRG2 (b), GFAP and S100β (c) in the cerebrum of the adult male mice (6 months) at low magnification. Region 1: dorsal cortex; Region 2: ventral cortex; Region 3: corpus callosum; Region 4: hippocampus; Region 5: thalamus; Region 6: cerebral peduncle. n = 6. Scale bars = 500 μm.