Figure 6: Clostridium butyricum treatment differently regulated the expression of yellow catfish IL-8 (a) and IL-10 (b) challenged by Aeromonas punctata. Fifteen-day-old yellow catfish were equally divided into two groups and fed with a standard commercial diet mixed with or without 2×108 CFU/g Clostridium butyricum for 30 days. Fish were then exposed to Aeromonas punctata infection by bath infection for 24, 48, and 96 h, followed by RT-PCR analysis of the gene expressions of IL-8 and IL-10. C, control group; CB, Clostridium butyricum treated group. 18S gene served as the internal reference. Results were represented as mean ± SEM. : P<0.05; : P<0.01; : P<0.001.