In the article titled “Analysis of the Complete Mitochondrial Genome Sequence of the Diploid Cotton Gossypium raimondii by Comparative Genomics Approaches” [1], there were several errors that should be corrected as follows: (i) the references in the text to Figures 4 and 5 are reversed and should be exchanged; (ii) in Figure 5, the Ka/Ks values for C. papaya versus G. raimondii for ccmFC are inaccurate; (iii) in Figure 5, the gene ccmFC should be replaced by ccmFN. The correct Ka/Ks values for each protein-coding gene between C. papaya and G. raimondii and between P. tremula and G. raimondii are available in a supplementary file.

Supplementary Materials

The raw a/s values for each protein-coding gene in C. papaya, G. raimondii, and P. tremula. (Supplementary Materials)