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Skin Microbiota in Contact Sports Athletes and Selection of Antiseptics for Professional Hygiene

Table 2

Wrestlers description.

IDSexAge, yearsWeight, kgHeight, cmQualificationTraining duration per week, hoursSports experience, years

1male2180,5177,5Candidate for Master of Sport1013

2male2173,5175Master of Sport1811

3male2173171Candidate for Master of Sport65

4male2072,9167,8Candidate for Master of Sport146

5male1974,1182,3Category I1012

6male1765,6169,1Category I207

7male2175,9177,6Candidate for Master of Sport810

8male2069,4173,2Candidate for Master of Sport1214

9male2184,2167,5Master of Sport1211

10male1972,5169,8Candidate for Master of Sport1410

11male1771,7177,7Category I121

12male2177,2171,9Category I1814

13male1971,2172,9Candidate for Master of Sport208

14male2177,7174,6Candidate for Master of Sport109

15male2175,7173,7Candidate for Master of Sport810