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Association of EPAS1 and PPARA Gene Polymorphisms with High-Altitude Headache in Chinese Han Population

Table 6

Distributions of PPARA haplotypes and the association with HAH risk.

HaplotypesFrequenciesOR (95% CI) valueOR (95% CI)a valuea

AC0.1750.1470.71 (0.50–1.01)0.0570.74 (0.52–1.06)0.110
CC0.0420.0260.41 (0.19–0.89)0.0240.41 (0.19–0.92)0.030
Global haplotype association value: 0.045

AC0.3160.2931.09 (0.83–1.45)0.5301.14 (0.86–1.53)0.370
GC0.1310.1370.97 (0.66–1.45)0.9001.02 (0.68–1.53)0.940
Global haplotype association value: 0.710

Associations between PPARA haplotypes and HAH risk were detected by binary logistic regression. aAdjusted for age, height, weight, BMI, smoking and drinking status, HR, SpO2, SBP, and DBP. indicated statistical significance. HAH+, subjects with HAH; HAH−, subjects without HAH. See Table 3 for group abbreviations.