Research Article

Identification of ATP8B1 as a Tumor Suppressor Gene for Colorectal Cancer and Its Involvement in Phospholipid Homeostasis

Figure 1

(a) Differential expression of 31 genes for P4-ATPases, ABC transporters, and scramblases in CRC tissue samples () compared with normal colorectal samples () is shown in the –log (FDR) vs. log (FC) plot. The red dots represent 3 upregulated genes, the blue dots represent 7 downregulated genes, and the remaining black dots represent genes that are not differentially expressed in CRC samples. (b) Hazard ratios and 95% confidence interval of the differentially expressed genes for the overall survival (filtered by ). (c) ATP8B1 expression showing differences between cancer and normal tissues in various tumors using Oncomine. The cell color is determined by the best gene rank percentile for analysis within the cell.