Research Article

Proportion and Associated Factors of Nonreassuring Fetal Heart Rate Patterns in Finote Selam Primary Hospital, North West Ethiopia

Table 3

Intrapartum profile of mothers who gave birth at Finote Selam primary hospital North West Ethiopia, 2019.


Gestational age
 <37 weeks236.3
 37-42 weeks33592
 >42 weeks61.65
Type of pregnancy
Onset of labor
 Elective C/S61.65
Presentation of the baby
Stage of labor on admission
 1-3 cm17146.8
 4-9 cm14539
 10 cm256.9
FHR on admission
Stage of labor at detection of NRFHRP ()
 1-3 cm1425.5
 4-9 cm1832.7
 10 cm2138.18
Degree of meconium staining
 Grade I8824.24
 Grade II328.8
 Grade III113.03
Duration of labor
 Not prolonged29280.3
Possible cause for NRFHRP (59)
 Unknown cause1934.2
 Poor progress of labor1221.8
 Fetopelvic disproportion1120
 Nuchal cord59.1
 Antepartum haemorrhage (placental abruption)35.45
 Previous C/S scar20.55
 Cord prolapse11.81