Research Article

Changes in Lower Limb Muscle Activation and Degree of Weight Support according to Types of Cane-Supported Gait in Hemiparetic Stroke Patients

Table 1

General characteristic of the subjects.

ParametersMale ()Female ()Overall ()

Paretic side
Age (years)
Height (cm)
Weight (kg)
Brunnstrom stage (2/3/4)5/3/00/2/15/5/1
MAS (1/1+/2)1/4/31/0/22/4/5
Onset duration (months)
MMSE-K (scores)30
K-MBI (scores)
FAC (2/3)5/32/17/4
BBS (scores)
TUG (sec)

Values are expressed as . MAS: Modified Ashworth Scale; MMSE-K: Mini-Mental State Examination-Korean; K-MBI: Korean version of the Modified Barthel Index; FAC: Functional Ambulation Category; BBS: Berg Balance Scale; TUG: Timed Up and Go test; cm: centimeter; kg: kilogram; sec: seconds.