Research Article

Ageing Effects, Generation Means, and Path Coefficient Analyses on High Kernel Elongation in Mahsuri Mutan and Basmati 370 Rice Populations

Table 1

Analysis of variance for grain quality traits from six generations of selected populations.

Source of variancedfMeans square

Population of cross of MR219 × Mahsuri Mutan
Generations (G)535.82900.159.087.964.474.2782.41
Ageing (A)113.01846.251.1315.5143.260.440.015 ns
G × A51.95349.503.090.472.769.257.39

Population of cross of MR219 × Basmati 370
Generations (G)5819.583609.3511.4110.725.0522.27397.12
Ageing (A)1345.634742.8511.3387.2220.2775.42165.61
G × A5186.65673.313.320.765.4239.3276.34

Significant at ; significant at . ns: nonsignificant difference; MGL: milled grain length; CGL: cooked grain length; MGW: milled grain width; CGW: cooked grain width; HKE: high kernel elongation ratio; PC: proportionate change; LW: length-width ratio. Population size: P1: 20, P2: 20, F1: 60, F2: 160, BCP1: 120, and BCP2: 120 for both populations.