Research Article

Ageing Effects, Generation Means, and Path Coefficient Analyses on High Kernel Elongation in Mahsuri Mutan and Basmati 370 Rice Populations

Table 2

Generation means and interaction of ageing and nonageing treatments for grain quality traits in a population derived from a cross between MR219 × Mahsuri Mutan.


Mahsuri Mutan6.54a11.10a1.76e1.93d1.65a0.55a3.71a
BCP1(Mahsuri Mutan)6.42e11.19a1.84d2.11c1.59b0.52a3.49b

Ageing treatment
 Ageing (90°C, 3 hours)5.83a9.98a2.01a2.26a1.62a0.47a3.00a

MGL: milled grain length; CGL: cooked grain length; MGW: milled grain width; CGW: cooked grain width; HKE: high kernel elongation ratio; PC: proportionate change; LW: length-width ratio. Means followed by different letters in the same column are significantly different at based on DMRT.