Research Article

FOXM1 Promotes Drug Resistance in Cervical Cancer Cells by Regulating ABCC5 Gene Transcription

Figure 5

Intracellular paclitaxel concentrations were measured by (a, c) confocal microscopy and (b, d) flow cytometry after treating the Caski/Taxol cells with 80 μM Flutax-2 for 48 h following the knockdown of FOXM1 using (a, b) shRNAs or (c, d) inhibition of FOXM1 using Siomycin A. The results showed that intracellular paclitaxel concentrations were significantly increased following FOXM1 knockdown by shRNA or inhibition by Siomycin A, indicating the potential of Siomycin A to sensitize chemo-resistant cancer cells to paclitaxel. . Caski/Taxol: paclitaxel-resistant Caski cells; shRNA: small interfering RNA; FOXM1: forkhead box M1.