Research Article

[Retracted] Sevoflurane Inhibits lncRNA HOTAIR-Modulated Stability of HK2 mRNA in a m6A-Dependent Manner to Dampen Aerobic Glycolysis and Proliferation in Lung Cancer

Figure 1

HOTAIR is activated, allowing cells to grow and proliferate. (a) Assessment of HOTAIR transcription using qRT-PCR in 4 distinct LC cell lines and healthy cells. (b) HOTAIR transcription in LC cells were transfected with either a negative control shRNA (si-NC) or a HOTAIR shRNA (si-HOTAIR). (c and d) The CCK-8 test was used to identify cell growth in standard and HOTAIR-depleted LC cells. (e) Annexin-V FITC techniques were used to determine the apoptotic rate in normal and HOTAIR-depleted LC cells. (f) EDU testing methods used to determine the EDU higher accuracy of normal and HOTAIR-depleted LC cells. 0.05 when compared to the control.