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[Retracted] Sevoflurane Inhibits lncRNA HOTAIR-Modulated Stability of HK2 mRNA in a m6A-Dependent Manner to Dampen Aerobic Glycolysis and Proliferation in Lung Cancer

Figure 3

HOTAIR binds to HK2 mRNA and enhances its stabilization. (a) The localization of HOTAIR in LC cell was evaluated by subcellular fractionation and qRT-PCR. (b) MS2-RIP and qRT-PCR were used to detect HK2 mRNA related with HOTAIR in LC3 cell. (c) Biotin-labeled HOTAIR was treated with LC lysates. qRT-PCR was used to assess the level of HK2 mRNA in the knock condition. (d) Western blot examination of HK2 transcription in HOTAIR-depleted LC cell and normal cells. (e) qRT-PCR study of HK2 transcription in HOTAIR-depleted LC cell and standard cells. (f) Standard and HOTAIR-depleted LC cells were infected with a luciferase plasmid containing nothing or the HK2 promoter region. The luciferase activity was evaluated after 48 hours. (g) A-amanitin (50 mM) was used to prevent fresh RNA production in standard and HOTAIR-depleted LC cells. The quantities of HK2 mRNA were identified at the specified time points. value more than 0.05 compared to the controls.