Research Article

Molecular Mechanisms Underlying the Effects of Bimin Kang Mixture on Allergic Rhinitis: Network Pharmacology and RNA Sequencing Analysis

Figure 8

Molecular docking of effective component-hub target protein. (a) A heat map of affinity energy (kcal/mol). (b–h) shows the molecular docking 3D diagram. (B–H) shows the 2D diagram. Among them, (b-B) IL-1β-quercetin, (c-C) CXCL2-quercetin, (d-D) CXCL8-kaempferol, (e-E) CXCL8-luteolin, (f-F) CCL20-quercetin, (g-G) PTGS2-quercetin, and (h-H) PTGS2-luteolin.