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New Insights into and Updates on Antimicrobial Agents from Natural Products

Call for Papers

The emergence of foodborne or bacterial pathogens resistant to antibiotics is of great concern. In particular, the emergence of Enterobacteriaceae resistant to last resort antibiotics could lead to therapeutic impasse. The overuse and misuse of antibiotics in humans and animals are the main cause of the emergence of resistant bacteria, as well as the lack of new drug development by the pharmaceutical industry. Nature products from plants, animals, or microorganisms were historically the sources of different preparations used for a multitude of purposes, including but not limited to medicinal applications. Despite their high complexity combined with an ever more pronounced focus of the pharmaceutical industry on synthetic compound libraries, the impact of natural products for new drug discovery is still very high. Natural products are a wide range of secondary metabolites that exhibited different biological activities. Targeting multidrug resistant bacteria, invasive bacterial infection food pathogen or phytopathogen is vital in improving the human health.

The purpose of this special issue dedicated to the First International Congress of Biochemistry and Microbiology Applied Technologies “BMAT-2017,” held in Hammamet (Tunisia), is to highlight some natural products from different sources targeting microorganisms and discuss their proposed molecular mechanisms of actions as well as their chemical diversity and biosynthetic mechanisms. Alternative medicine is not integrated in this special issue.

This issue will bring collectively several full-length papers accepted in BMAT-2017 congress as well as manuscripts from outside the congress that fit within the scope of the special issue.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Antimicrobial agents, drug discovery, and antimicrobial natural product
  • Mechanisms of bacterial resistance to antibiotics
  • Water microbiology and biosafety
  • Food safety, biosafety, and bioconservation
  • Microbial diversity natural products and bioprocess technologies
  • Beneficial microorganisms in agriculture biotechnology

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Submission DeadlineFriday, 21 September 2018
Publication DateFebruary 2019

Papers are published upon acceptance, regardless of the Special Issue publication date.

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