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Biomedical Insights of Human Genetic Diversity in Complex Diseases

Call for Papers

The genetics of human populations has been a crucial point in classic anthropology since the 20th century. A century after, some chapters of our biological history will be closed thanks to the knowledge of complete genomes. Now it is time to search for new questions, and through this special issue we would like to enhance those scientists that are working on the border of anthropology, recent molecular techniques, and ethnic disparities in health to show the results of their research in biomedicine, linking anthropology, human genetics, and epidemiology.

The description of complete genomes and gene clusters allows us to go more deeply into the genetic risk factors for complex diseases that are the extreme manifestation of a continuum of genetic, physiological, and environmental features. This topic is of high current interest because large-scale genomic association studies in complex diseases have reported different rates among ethnic groups. The rich and diverse genetic past of some populations joined to the demographic changes increasing life expectancy, lifestyle, and industrialization in emerging countries makes them strong candidates to develop epidemic proportions of some complex diseases. This issue would like to contribute to understanding how genetic diversity of ethnic groups could contribute to health disparities in complex diseases in which genetic susceptibility depends on this genetic diversity.

We take particular interest in manuscripts analysing risk alleles, new statistical methods, and reviews of independent studies in ethnic groups, paying attention not only to genetic ancestry and admixture but also to environmental differences and health disparities which are welcome. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Risk alleles and ethnic differences in multifactorial diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, obesity, and mental disorders
  • Statistical methods to analyse risk scores for complex diseases and epidemiological data
  • New technologies in the study of complex diseases
  • Genetic diversity and epidemiology in emerging countries

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  • María E. Esteban, Department of Animal Biology, Section of Anthropology, Faculty of Biology, University of Barcelona, Avinguda Diagonal 643, 08028 Barcelona, Spain

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  • Carla M. Calò, Department of Life and Environmental Sciences, Section of Anthropological Sciences, University of Cagliari, Cittadella Universitaria, SS 554 (km 4,5), 09042 Monserrato, Cagliari, Italy
  • Analabha Basu, National Institute of Biomedical Genomics, Netaji Subhas Sanatorium (T.B. Hospital), 2nd Floor, P.O.: N.S.S., Kalyani, West Bengal 741251, India
  • Pedro Moral, Department of Animal Biology, Section of Anthropology, Faculty of Biology, University of Barcelona, Avinguda Diagonal 643, 08028 Barcelona, Spain