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Modern Structural Biology: Recent Advances and Impact on Drug Design and Discovery

Call for Papers

In recent decades, structural biology has come a long way in providing details of biological phenomena at the atomic level. It provides a snapshot of events that may take place in an otherwise complex molecule. The structure of complex macromolecules has been instrumental in the comprehensive understanding of molecular forms attained during biological processes. It has helped us understand complex virus-host interactions, enzyme-substrate chemistry, protein folding and modification, gene regulation and signaling, and antibody-antigen interaction, among many others. These structures have provided us with design of novel small molecule inhibitors against enzymes from various pathogens, make better enzymes, enhance structural stability of otherwise unstable proteins, and design better antibodies for analytical and therapeutic purposes.

We invite authors to submit their original research and review articles that will enhance our knowledge of these macromolecules, stimulate discussions of better use of the techniques offered, and exploit the structure-function role of intracellular, membrane, or pathogenic proteins for development of better drugs and inhibitors. Accepted peer-reviewed articles will show recent advances in the field of structural biology and its application in diverse areas of biological sciences.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Crystallography of protein molecules
  • Drug design and drug targets using structure-function correlation
  • Application of XFEL in protein structure determination
  • Electron microscopy of specimens in native conformation
  • Cryo-EM analyses of biological macromolecules
  • Applications of NMR and spectroscopy
  • Mass spectrometric analysis of novel molecules
  • Applications of imaging technique and microscopy in research and medicine
  • Antibody-antigen interactions
  • Gene regulation and signaling
  • Protein folding and modification
  • Functional analysis of membrane proteins
  • Structure-function analysis of biological molecules
  • Molecular modeling and its role in designing drug inhibitors
  • Other protein-protein interactions

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Submission DeadlineFriday, 6 April 2018
Publication DateAugust 2018

Papers are published upon acceptance, regardless of the Special Issue publication date.

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