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Molecular Approaches for the Classification of Microbial Pathogens of Public Health Significance

Call for Papers

A number of pathogenic microorganisms are widely disseminated, surrounding us and sometimes infecting our body, causing a wide range of health problems, ranging from mild to life-threading diseases. It is now widely accepted to use a variety of molecular approaches to classify or type the causative microbial pathogens in both host and hostile environments, which improve our global understanding on the epidemiology, pathogenesis, ecology, and evolution of the microorganisms, contributing to the prevention of infection, better infection control, and environmental sanitation.

This special issue focuses on molecular approaches for microbial classification and typing. Both original articles, including comprehensive descriptions of study designs and settings, and review articles, including systematic reviews/meta-analyses, are welcome. The research target can be bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses. Studies on the evaluation, development, and application of a series of molecular approaches or infection case reports that address the above-mentioned scope of this issue are welcome for submission. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Molecular epidemiological surveillance
  • Population biology and host/pathogen genetics/genomics
  • Molecular ecology and evolution of microbial pathogens under host and hostile environments
  • Molecular assessment of microbial pathogenesis
  • Development of novel molecular approaches
  • Clinical studies

Before submission authors should carefully read over the journal’s Author Guidelines, which are located at Prospective authors should submit an electronic copy of their complete manuscript through the journal Manuscript Tracking System at according to the following timetable:

Manuscript DueFriday, 30 August 2013
First Round of ReviewsFriday, 22 November 2013
Publication DateFriday, 17 January 2014

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  • Hiroshi Asakura, Division of Biomedical Food Research, National Institute of Health Sciences, Tokyo, Japan

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