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New Insights into Malignant B-Cell Disorders

Call for Papers

Mature B-cell disorders comprise a very wide range of entities and disease groups, including aggressive B-cell lymphomas, Hodgkin lymphoma, plasma cell dyscrasias, indolent lymphomas, and chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

These diseases present themselves with cellular and clinical pictures, and patients’ outcomes as well as adequate treatment modalities may differ considerably. However, in spite of enormous differences, their common origin dictates resembling features, leading to difficulty in differential diagnosis in some occasions.

An increasing knowledge of disease biology, innovative diagnostic techniques, and novel drugs has resulted in improvement of diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment although some confusion may still occur.

We invite investigators to submit original research articles as well as review articles aiming to contribute to rationally understand and apply scientific improvements in B-cell disorders.

We are particularly interested in articles explaining underlying disease biology, describing improvement of diagnostic tools including sensitive biochemical, immunohistochemical, immunophenotypic, molecular, genetic, and imaging techniques, presenting new entities requiring specific approaches and reporting on therapeutic results with novel drugs and monoclonal antibodies. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Prognostic factors and genetic biomarkers
  • Aggressive B-cell lymphomas originating from different pathways; clinical implications
  • Mechanisms of malignant B-cell (or plasma cell) regulation and/or escape from apoptosis
  • Definitions and implications of complete remission in multiple myeloma
  • Evaluation of minimal residual disease in B-cell disorders
  • Optimal use of PET-scan in lymphomas monitoring and prognosis
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic challenges for composite lymphomas
  • Differential diagnosis of B-cell disorders with plasmacytic differentiation
  • New biology-driven treatments

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  • Marie-Christine Kyrtsonis, Hematology Section, First Department of Propaedeutic Internal Medicine, Laikon Hospital, Athens Medical School, Athens, Greece

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  • Kazuyuki Shimizu, Department of Clinical Research, Higashi Nagoya National Hospital, Nagoya, Japan
  • Panayiotis Panayiotidis, Hematology Unit, First Department of Propaedeutic Internal Medicine, Laikon Hospital, Athens Medical School, Athens, Greece
  • Gerassimos Pangalis, Hematology Clinic, Athens Medical Center, Athens, Greece