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Behavioural Neurology
Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 23-28

Some Personality Variables in Functional Neurological Disorders

Mary M. Robertson1 and M. R. Trimble2,3

1Academic Department of Psychiatry, University College and Middlesex Hospital Schools if Medicine, Mortimer Street, W1N 8AA, London, UK
2The National Hospitals for Nervous Diseases, London, UK
3The Institute of Neurology, London, UK

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Patients with spasmodic torticollis, writer's cramp and the Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome (GTS) were given rating scales to assess personality dimensions, especially hostility and obsessionality. The data have been compared with age and sex matched controls. Significant differences arose, especially for hostility for the GTS and writer's cramp patients, whereas those with spasmodic torticollis do not differ from controls.