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Language and Visual Perception Associations: Meta-Analytic Connectivity Modeling of Brodmann Area 37

Table 1

Primary studies of language-related paradigms included in the first meta-analysis.


Binder et al., 1996 [57]Passive listening words126

Booth et al., 2002 [58, 59]Auditory rhyming137
Visual meaning-rhyming133

Palmer et al., 2001 [60]Overtly or covertly generate words1026

Crosson et al., 1999 [61]Repetition emotional neutral words177

Devlin et al., 2003 [62]Semantic + phonological1226
Phonological > semantic1234

van Turennout et al., 2003 [63]Naming novel, repeated objects1011

Binder et al., 2003 [64]Stimuli were words or nonwords2426

Booth et al., 2002 [58, 59]Visual words spelling139

Gold and Buckner, 2002 [65]Semantic decision on words243

Mechelli et al., 2006 [66]Naming black and white objects1222

Saccuman et al., 2006 [67]Word class-semantic reference1318

Pihlajamäki et al., 2000 [68]Category fluency149

Jobard et al., 2007 [69]Word reading1012

Damasio et al., 2001 [70]Action tool word retrieval201
Concrete entities205

Simmons et al., 2008 [71] Word association1032
Property generation1026

Davis et al., 2004 [72] All words versus letter strings129
Verbs versus noun121

Liljeström et al., 2008 [73] Action naming1530
Object naming action images1524
Object naming simple images1512

Chee et al., 2003 [74] Low and high frequency127
Low and high frequency1210

Sabsevitz et al., 2005 [75]Concrete > abstract nouns2826

Bedny and Thompson-Schill, 2006 [76]Nonwords > words1311

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