Table 1: Cytotoxicity of docetaxel (DOC) and doxorubicin (DOX) in hormone-refractory PC3 and DU145 cancer cell linesa. IC50 values are given as mean.

IC50bEC50 (1)cEC50 (2)cIC50bEC50 (1)cEC50 (2)c

DOC (nM)0.5980.500d92,000d0.4690.392104,000d
DOX (nM)908N.D.N.D.343N.D.N.D.

aCells were treated with either DOC or DOX alone.
bIC50 denotes the half maximal inhibitory concentration.
cEC50 (1) and EC50 (2) indicate the half effective concentrations in the first (1) and second (2) phase of the biphasic curve used to fit the cell viability data.
dApproximate estimation due to insufficient data points.
N.D: Not determined.