Research Article

Long-Term Use of Probiotic-Containing Yogurts Is a Safe Way to Prevent Helicobacter pylori: Based on a Mongolian Gerbil's Model

Figure 5

(a) The expression of different proteins in Groups D (AB + Hp) and E (Hp only) by Western blotting. (b) The different protein levels in yogurt-fed (Group D, Hp + AB) and control (Group E, Hp only) groups were shown. Data presented with mean SE. Two groups showed similar expression of GAPDH and -actin. We found that Group D had obvious higher IL-10 level ( ) but lower TNF- level ( ). Hp: Helicobacter pylori, AB: AB yogurt, IL-10: interleukin-10, TNF- : tumor necrosis factor-alpha.