Table 4: Effects of rs2252004 on the change of IPSS, TPV, tPSA, and fPSA after treatment in BPH case group.

Change1Mean change (SE)2P (Rec)3

IPSS1.38/−0.14/−0.21.61 (0.80)0.045
TPV4.62/−0.3/−0.845.35 (2.38)0.025
tPSA1.18/0.52/0.560.64 (0.69)0.357
fPSA0.37/0.12/0.050.28 (0.29)0.335

The changes of IPSS, TPV, fPSA, and tPSA were calculated using the values after treatment minus the values at baseline.
Beta and standard error results based on nontransformed data for IPSS, TPV, tPSA, and fPSA for risk allele A using recessive model (CA/CC as the reference group).
The P-values are analyzed under the recessive model with linear regression adjusted by age.
Data of tPSA and fPSA did not show ( ).