Table 2: Topics covered in the main body of the UK's contribution to the 2001 Background Paper*.

Genomics and proteomics
Human Genome Project and human diversity
Gene therapy
Virulence and pathogenicity
Vaccines and novel therapies
Recombinant protein expression
Toxins and other bioactive molecules
Detection and identification technologies
Human infectious disease patterns
Smallpox destruction
Drug resistance
Disease in agriculture
Pest control in agriculture
Global initiatives to tackle disease
Molecular biology applications and crops
Trends in protein production technologies
International cooperation and biosafety: activities under the Biodiversity Convention
Means of delivery of agents and toxins
Use of pathogens to control weeds and “criminal” crops
Bioremediation: the destruction of material
Countering the threat of BW terrorism
Impact of the entry into force of the CWC

rom [4].