Table 1: Examples of concordance classification between blood pCO2 and transcutaneous pCO2.

ExampleBlood pCO2TcpCO2Trends’ differenceTrends’ concordance

15.25.6 +7.7%5.25.2+0%7.7%Good
25.2 5.6 +7.7%5.26.4+23.1%15.4%Moderate
35.2 5.6 +7.7%5.84.6−21.4%29.1%Poor

Four examples of blood pCO2 and TcpCO2 trends within six-hour periods, with difference between trends, and the qualitative assessment of the concordance.
All pCO2 values are in kPa.
: measures at baseline.
: measures within a six-hour interval.