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Research Article

Safety and Tolerability of Initiating Maximum-Dose Sacubitril-Valsartan in Patients on Target Dose Renin-Angiotensin System Inhibitors

Table 2

Reasons for discontinuation of sacubitril-valsartan within first year.

NumberPatientReason for discontinuation

187-year-old manDizziness, syncope, and a slowly developing itching rash
282-year-old womanIrritated bowels
381-year-old manSlowly developing itching rash
480-year-old manProgressive kidney failure
579-year-old manOrthostatic hypotension, even after dose reduction
676-year-old manCoughing
777-year-old manProgressive kidney failure
876-year-old manSlowly developing itching rash
969-year-old manDecided he did not want to continue with medication that is not currently endorsed by national guidelines