Table 1: A framework of determinants on quality of life.

DimensionsVariables (modalities)

Interpersonal relations (interactions, relationships, support-emotional, physical, financial, feedback)Living alone (no, yes)
Marital status (married, unmarried, or not yet married)
In case of life troubles, my family trust/count on: relatives, friends, neighbors, nonprofit associations, other? (no, yes)
Home health/social career on behalf of the municipality (no, yes)
Home worker (no, yes)
Elderly/handicapped care (no, yes)

Social inclusion (community integration and participation, community roles, social support network, services)Distance too long between own home and relatives' home (no, yes)
Do your relatives use a mobile? (yes, no)
Do you have telephone at home? (yes, no)

Physical well-being (health, activities of daily living, leisure, access to health care)Physical disability (no, yes)
Mental disability (no, yes)
Need to home care services (no, yes)
Recourse to health-rehabilitation services in the last three months (no, yes)
Home health career on behalf of local health unit, (no, yes)
Do you ask someone for important decision on own health?
(I ask my GP, I ask a specialist, I ask my private physician, I ask other health professionals, I take final decision by myself)
Flu vaccination in the last twelve months (yes, no)
Frequency of blood hypertension check (At least once a year, less than once a year, never)