Table 4: Areas of policy priorities on ageing in CIS countries, 2007, 2012.

Priority area20072012
Number of countries quoted the priority areaQuoting countriesNumber of countries quoted the priority areaQuoting countries

Health and medical care6AM, BY, AZ, BY, MD, RU 5AM, BY, MD, RU, UA
Social protection/income security5AM, AZ, BY, MD, RU6AM, BY, MD, RU, TJ, UA
Integration and participation in societal life5AM, AZ, BY, MD, RU3AM, BY, RU
Rights of older persons/antiage discrimination4AZ, MD, RU, UZ3AM, MD, UA
Social services4AZ, BY, MD, RU 6AM, BY, MD, RU, TJ, UA
Developing (strengthening) institutional infrastructure3AM, AZ, RU1MD
Labour market measures3MD; BY; RU 2AM, BY, MD
Social care, including long-term care2AM, RU 4AM, MD, TJ, UA
Intergenerational cohesion (solidarity)2MD, UZ3BY, MD, RU
Promoting positive image of ageing and older persons in society2AM, RU 2BY, RU
Sociocultural needs2AZ, AM4AM, MD, RU, UA
Research on ageing2AZ, RU3BY, RU, UA
Providing secure and affordable living environment 2AM, UZ4AM, BY, MD, UA
Affordable and accessible transportation2AM, MD2RU, UA
Promoting life-long learning1MD 4AM, BY, RU, UA
Adjusting public finance policy to demographic ageing2RU, UA

Abbreviations used: Armenia (AM); Azerbaijan (AZ); Belarus (BY); Republic of Moldova (MD); Russian Federation (RU); Tajikistan (TJ); Ukraine (UA); Uzbekistan (UZ). Source: [43, 44].