Table 1: Summary of patient characteristics and treatment outcomes with TIP.

PatientStage at original diagnosisTreatment at original diagnosisPresentation at recurrenceTreatment at recurrenceToxicity besides alopecia with TIP: all were NCI grade 1 or 2 unless otherwise specifiedBest response to TIP by RECIST criteriaDuration of response with TIPSurvival since recurrence

Case 1-46-year-old femaleT3N3M0CRT with 5FU/cisplatinBiopsy-proven metastatic disease in chest and abdomen twelve months after original diagnosisTIPx6 cycles then TIPx2 cycles then FOLFOX6 modified x1 cycleAnemia Thrombocytopenia PN (grade 3)CR per CT after 3 cycles confirmed by PET/CT after 3 more cycles6 months14 months

Case 2-42-year-old femaleT3N3M0CRT with 5FU/cisplatinBiopsy-proven metastatic disease in chest twenty two months after original diagnosisTIPx6 cyclesAnemia Thrombocytopenia
CR per PET/CT after 3 cycles2 years and six months2 years and six months thus far

Case 3-54-year-old femaleT4N2M0CRT with 5FU/cisplatinMetastatic disease in pelvis five months after original diagnosisTIPx7 cycles then RT to right paraspinal massAnemia Thrombocytopenia NauseaCR per PET after 4 cycles (PR per CT)4 months17 months thus far (patient alive with disease)

CRT: chemo radio therapy
5FU: fluorouracil
CR: complete remission
PR: partial remission
RECIST: response evaluation criteria in solid tumors
FOLFOX: infusional fluorouracil + leucovorin + oxaliplatin.
PN: Peripheral neuropathy.