Table 1: Treatments patients have tried to relieve symptoms of neuropathy.

Medication-related commentsNeurontin—did not help at all

I’m taking Neurontin but I'm not sure it really helps
Tried L-carnitine and B-complex for about two weeks and one didn't agree with my stomach as many pills dont, so I just decided i didn’t need any more problems. All joints ache and take Advil liquid once in a great while.
Have numbness tingling ant discomfort in hands and feet. Tried XS Tylenol.
Vitamin B6 not helpful
Gabapentin I often wonder that it really helps?? Nerve heals it self??
Gabapentin at 2700 mg daily relieves the tingling in my hands and helps relieve the tingling in my feet. Does not improve numbness. If I forget a dose I get stabbing pains in my fingers. When Istopped Vitamin B1 symptoms seemed to get worse.
I've tried Lyrica and amitriptyline in treating upward doses which both messed with my head so I quit. What relieves the pressure, tingling, pain the best is a combination of gabapentin and Oxycontin, which last up to 5 hours. I have recently decreased the dose of Oxycontin to 10 mg 3 daily and hopefully I can quit. But some days the pressure becomes too great. I wish this would go away, been to long.
Calcium provided marked difference immediately, Potassium slight difference, Tylenol short-term relief, Neurontin 300 mg 3 daily not helpful, Hydrocodone managed pain, Multivitamins marked difference immediately.
I talked wit my chemo oncologist about relieving the pain from the neuropathy. My doctor prescribed me Neurontin but warned if I didn’t see a reduction in symptoms it likely wouldn’t help. I took Neurontin for 3 weeks with no change in pain or numbness my doctor was leery about prescribing me Lyrica because the pain wasn’t extreme. He said the neuropathy symptoms are likely to disappear within a year of completing my treatment. I’m currently 10 months beyond treatment and no change in numbness.

Avoid the cold/keep warmExtra warmth use gloves at night to sleep or wear on cool days—Helpful. Heating pad—PRN—Somewhat helpful but I find it short term help.
Always try to keep my hands and feet warm and rub them with lotion. To help the circulation. Wear socks more often especially when I sleep. Sleep on heating pad to keep warm and relieve joint aches. Drinking warm drinks is comforting. Wear gloves on cold days to keep hands warm.
My toes are still numb/tingly. Since chemo when my feet get cold they cramp badly. Foot massages give relief while being massaged but comfort goes away when massaging ends. To relieve cramps I cover feet w/ heating pad on high.
I have numbness in my fingertips only when they get cold. I have muscle weakness in my fingers (doing things like opening lids, containers, writing etc.) when they are cold. The weakness is significant. I have a decrease in fine motor skills when my fingers are cold. At normal temperatures. I have no symptoms. It is a definite change in how they were prior to the chemo. My feet are fine I have no remaining symptoms. To relieve the numbness and weakness I just try to get them warm by covering them or running them in hot water. At work if my hands are cold, I have trouble writing, opening supplies, and so forth. from weakness.
Cold hurts my fingers and toes so I wear socks and gloves a lot

Keep movingI walk bike and do deep water aerobics to help I think it helps!!
Maintained pre-chemotherapy fitness program: 3 /wk jog 1.5–2 miles + lift weights. Maintained pre-chemotherapy activities: swimming and golf weather permitting. For balance practice standing on 1 leg and alternating legs.
I continue my yoga and triathlon training-swim, bike, run, and weights.
After taking the supplements and a lot of exercise it slowly went away mostly. It comes back when I get cold.
Muscle weakness, exercise seems to help
Walking, water aerobics and free weights were most effective to rebuild strength
Foot massage, not very helpful. Exercise more helpful than massage.

Massage or rub the affected areaBack rubs, especially with electric massages can be quite efficacious, especially from base of spine and down upper leg.
Have attempted massage of feet where discomfort is most severe. Gives Temporary relief
Foot massages give relief while being massaged but comfort goes away when massaging ends.
If I forget a dose (of Neurontin) I get stabbing pains in my fingers. Hand massages help somewhat.
I have numbness to feet and achy legs and only feel the pain when I'm sitting or when I go to bed—some days I feel it more than others to relieve the pain I usually rub my feet and if it is persistent I take a pain pill that usually helps me get to sleep.

Live with itPhysical therapy not helpful rubbing massage not helpful heat not helpful
Continue to suffer from all of above symptoms haven’t been doing anything because it comes and then goes away
Doctor said there is no cure or relief.
I have fairly severe numbness in my feet and moderate tingling/numbness in my finger tips. I have not taken any measures to alleviate tis problem, because I haven no idea how to proceed. I have spoken to my oncologist, but he offered no solution.