Table 2: values comparing the difference between the M group and the C group at the initial data collection and at the final data collection.

Initial valueFinal value

LDL (mg/dL)0.860.62
LDL (percentile)0.690.30
HDL (mg/dL)0.680.46
HDL (percentile)0.760.78
TG (mg/dL)0.810.95
TG (percentile)0.510.98
ALT (U/L)0.310.16
AST (U/L)0.260.14
Weight (kg)0.160.63
Weight (percentile)0.210.59
Weight (z-score)0.080.22
Height (cm)0.170.26
Height (percentile)0.046*0.02*
Height (z-score)0.04*0.03*
Insulin ( U/mL)0.150.30
Glucose (mg/dL)0.070.85
BP-systolic (mmHg)0.01*0.83
BP-diastolic (mmHg)0.480.19
BP-systolic (percentile)0.130.36
BP-diastolic (percentile)0.080.40
Waist (in.)0.140.24
Waist (percentile)1.000.73
Body fat (%)0.730.72
BMI (kg/m2)0.290.36
BMI (percentile)0.800.51
BMI (z-score)0.420.85

*Reaches statistical significance ( value ).