Table 2: Nutrient intakes during the intervention.

Control group ( )STAEST group ( )

Energy (MJ/d) 0.267
Fat (% of energy)b 0.668
SFA (% of energy) 0.862
MUFA (% of energy) 0.340
PUFA (% of energy) 0.741
Proteins (% of energy) 0.029
Carbohydrates (% of energy) 0.766
Alcohol (% of energy) 0.215
Total fiber (g/d) 0.032
Total fiber (g/MJ) 0.362

All values are means ± SEM. Intervention values do not contain the nutrient intake from the test minidrink. MUFA: monounsaturated fatty acids; PUFA: polyunsaturated fatty acids; SFA: saturated fatty acids; and STAEST: plant stanol ester.
Baseline values did not differ significantly between the groups for any of the variables.
Group by time interaction (repeated measured variance of analysis (general linear model)).
, significant change over time.
significantly different from baseline.
significantly different from control.