Table 1: Prevalence of uncontrolled major risk factors from 1988/9 to 2008/9. Standardized data for the European population: males.

Risk conditionsGroup 1
Group 2
Group 3
1 versus 31 versus 22 versus 3

 Uncontrolled high cholesterol 20.8%14.3%13.9%0.003<0.05<0.05NS
 Hypercholesterolemic 20.8%16.4%21.1%NS
 Hypercholesterolemic treated2.5%40.8%
 Treated at target84% 91%
 Hypercholesterolemic at target12.8%37%
 Uncontrolled high glycaemia 7.5%11.5%5.2%0.000NS<0.05<0.05
 Treated diabetics30.1%30.2%65.7%
 Treated at target13%11.1%39.1%
 Diabetics target5% 3.7%25.7%
 Current smokers45.7%43.5%28.7%0.000<0.05NS<0.05
 Uncontrolled high blood pressure53.1%51.4%38.8%0.000<0.05NS<0.05
 Treated hypertensives30%30.6%26.6%
 Effectively treated16.1%16.9%53.3%
 Hypertensive target5%5.2%14.2%

Uncontrolled high cholesterol: patients with cholesterol ≥240 mg/dL, treated and not treated.
Hypercholesterolemic subjects: uncontrolled high cholesterol + subjects on cholesterol-lowering therapy.
Hypercholesterolemic subjects treated: hypercholesterolemic treated/hypercholesterolemic subjects.
Patients at the target: treated target (cholesterol < 240 mg/dL)/patients treated.
Hypercholesterolemic at the target: hypercholesterolemic at the target/hypercholesterolemic.
Uncontrolled high glycaemia: glycaemia ≥ 126 mg/dL, treated and not treated.
Diabetic patients: uncontrolled high glycaemia + patients treated with hypoglycaemic drugs.
Diabetic treated: treated/diabetic subjects.
Diabetic treated to target: treated target (glycaemia < 126 mg/dL)/diabetics treated.
Diabetic at target: diabetic target/diabetics.
Uncontrolled high blood pressure: SBP ≥ 140 and/or DBP ≥ 90 mmHg, treated and not treated.
Hypertensive patients: uncontrolled high blood pressure + subjects in antihypertensive therapy.
Hypertensive therapy effective: subjects treated with target values/subjects treated.
Effectively treated: treated target/subjects treated.
Hypertensive at target: treated hypertensives with target values/hypertensives.