Figure 5: Genome-wide scan for QTL × sex interaction for plasma CHO concentrations. (a) Genome-wide LOD score plot. The -axis represents the Chr and microsatellite marker position, and the -axis represents the LOD score. The genome-wide threshold LOD scores for a significant QTL × sex interaction were 2.4 for autosomes and 2.9 for Chr X, as indicated by horizontal broken line. (b) Plasma CHO concentrations based on sex and the genotypes at D19Mit68. DDD/DDD denotes mice homozygous for the DDD allele, DDD/B6 denotes mice heterozygous for the DDD and B6 alleles, and B6/B6 denotes mice homozygous for the B6 allele. Error bars indicate SEM. In female mice, two kinds of F2 mice, that is, non- (lean) and (obese), according to the genotype at the agouti locus were analyzed [9].