Figure 1: Ragu data import. (a) shows the directory containing data to be imported. The first 3 characters code the subject (“S01”, “S02”, ), characters 6 and 7 (“C1”, “C2”, “F1”, and F2) code for the 4 conditions. The dialog (invoked by Data -> Import command) with the parameters to import the data is shown on the right side. With the provided search mask, a list of the expected file names of one condition and all subjects is constructed (note that the search mask must find exactly one among all conditions). This list is then extended to the remaining conditions using the specified tags. Thus, as a crosscheck, one of the tags for the conditions has to appear somewhere in the search mask. Then, all the data is read based on the expected file names. If the importing of the data was successful, a confirmation is given informing the user about the dimensions of the imported data matrix. Otherwise, the output window displays error messages that may help identifying the problem.