Table 1: Alphabetic list of the software contributions featured in this special issue. Three further prominent software packages (eConnectome, MNE and sLORETA) have been added, for reference and convenience of comparison. The main features of all software packages are itemized in terms of time-series analysis (from basic preprocessing of raw data to dynamic systems metrics), time-frequency analysis and decomposition, MEG/EEG forward modeling and/or source modeling (dipole fitting, beamforming/spatial filters, and source imaging), functional or effective connectivity measures and modeling, statistical analysis and inference, graphical user interface versus scripting libraries, interoperability with other software packages/the possibility for users to develop plugins, the computing environment and the operating system(s) (OS) required, and definitive feature(s) that characterizes each software package. Asterisks are for packages that are not featured as full-length articles in this special issue. Green cells indicate which attributes apply to each package.