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Research Article

Exploiting Language Models to Classify Events from Twitter

Table 4

Experimental datasets.

CategoryDescriptionNumber of tweetsChecked

Event 1Death of Amy Winehouse774
Event 2Space shuttle Atlantis lands safely, ending NASA’s space shuttle program45
Event 3Betty Ford dies8
Event 4Richard Bowes, victim of London riots, dies in hospital27
Event 5Flight Noar Linhas Aereas 4896 crashes, all 16 passengers dead9
Event 6S&P downgrades US credit rating275
Event 7US increases debt ceiling73
Event 8Terrorist attack in Delhi40
Event 9Earthquake in Virginia271
Event 10Trevor Ellis (first victim of London riots) dies63
Event 11Goran Hadzic, Yugoslavian war criminal, arrested2
Event 12India and Bangladesh sign a peace pact3
Event 13Plane carrying Russian hockey team Lokomotiv crashes, 44 dead225
Event 14Explosion in French nuclear power plant Marcoule137
Event 15NASA announces discovery of water on Mars110
Event 16Google announces plans to buy Motorola Mobility130
Event 17Car bomb explodes in Oslo, Norway21
Event 18Gunman opens fire in children’s camp on Utoya island, Norway28
Event 19First artificial organ transplant16
Event 20Petrol pipeline explosion in Kenya27
Event 21Famine declared in Somalia71
Event 22South Sudan declares independence26
Event 23South Sudan becomes a UN member state7
Event 24Three men die in riots in Birmingham12
Event 25Riots break out in Tottenham19
Event 26Rebels capture Tripoli international airport, Libya4
Event 27Ferry sinks in Zanzibar, around 200 dead21