Figure 6: Illustration of the segmentation results in the presence of white matter lesions (test subject 3, slice 31). White matter lesions (WMLs) should be labeled as WM; the sensitivity (percentage of WML voxels is labeled as WM) over all 15 datasets is presented between brackets after the team name. The first three images show the three MRI sequences: T2-weighted fluid attenuated inversion recovery, T1-weighted inversion recovery, and T1-weighted scan. The fourth image (reference) is the manually segmented reference standard (red: white matter lesions, yellow: white matter, light blue: gray matter, and dark blue: cerebrospinal fluid). The results of the segmentation algorithms are ordered from the best overall performance (BIGR2) to the worst overall performance (LNMBrains). The arrows indicate example locations where the segmentation results differ from the ground truth.