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Research Article

A Modified Sine-Cosine Algorithm Based on Neighborhood Search and Greedy Levy Mutation

Table 1

Standard test functions.

NoNameBenchmark test functionsDimensionScopeOptimum

Sphere Model300

Schwefel’s Problem 2.22300

Schwefel’s Problem 1.2300

Schwefel’s Problem 2.21300

Generalized Rosenbrock’s Function300

Step Function300

Quartic Function i.e. Noise300

Generalized Schwefel’s Problem 2.2630-418.9829n

Generalized Rastrigin’s Function300

Ackley’s Function300

Generalized Griewank Function300

Generalized Penalized Function 30 0

Generalized Penalized Function300

Shekel’s Foxholes Function20.9980

Kowalik’s Function40.0003075

Six‐Hump Camel‐Back Function2-1.0316285

Branin Function20.398

Goldstein‐Price Function23

Hartman’s Function3-3.8628

Hartman’s Function6-3.32