Table 1: Clinical aspects covered by the SG according to cognitive, motor, and perceptive functionality.

Piano Game 
Reach Game 
Sequence Game 
Grab Game 
Pinch Game 
Flip Game 

CognitiveSustained attentionXXXXXX
Divided attentionXXXXXX
Body imageXXXXXX
Short-term memoryXXXXXX
Problem resolutionXXXXXX
Executive functionXXXXXX

Fine motor unilateral and bilateral coordinationX
Gross motor unilateral and bilateral coordinationXXXXX
Fine manual dexterityXX
Gross manual dexterityX
Movement dissociationX
Pronation and supinationX
Flexion and extensionX

PerceptiveVisuoperceptive coordinationXXXXXX
Figure-background discriminationXXXXXX
Color discriminationXXXXXX
Depth discriminationXXXXXX