Table 6: Results of the usability questionnaires.

Number QuestionUser 1User 2User 3User 4User 5MeanMode


Q1Are sessions with video games more entertaining?222021,62
Q2Have the games been interesting to you?222121,82
Q3Do the games meet a real need?222121,82
Q4Would you continue use the games if you could?222021,62
Q5Would you use the games at home?222021,62


Q6Have the games been intuitive to play and easy to understand?2222222
Q7Have you been able to play without therapist’s support?−122211,22
Q8In case you have been helped, has the therapist’s support been important?222021,62
Q9Has the graphic design of the games been adequate (piano, cubes, etc.)?122221,82
Q10Are the elements used in therapy sessions adequate (sensor leap motion, laptop)?121221,62

Use mode

Q11Have you been able to perform all the games successfully?121221,62
Q12Have single-handed exercises been simple to perform?2222222
Q13Have the exercises with both hands been simple to perform?−121−110,4−1
Q14Have the games taken a lot of effort from you?−1−2−1−11−0,8−1
Q15In general, the difficulty level of the games is adequate?221121,62